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Describe the use characteristics of the discount machine
May 14, 2018

The garment industry is a familiar industry, and we can't separate our daily life and travel. Now there are plenty of production machinery, garment industry need these mechanical each plays a very important role, we should often can see the figure of a discount machine, everyone's understanding for such machinery should be small, in order to make you more understanding of our garment industry for the use of machinery, we today is the use of discount machine characteristics.

1. The wide selection of needles is suitable for the decoration of most pleats, pleats and pleats. 2. Stable sewing and convenient operation. 3. With a tug, it can be used as a normal multi-needle car. 4. The discount machine is suitable for a variety of fabrics: from thin materials to medium and thick materials, knitting, woven fabric, etc. Generally speaking, most of the discount machines have a combination of hard wear-resisting, beautiful and novel appearance, in the sewing state, small vibration, low noise. The track is perfectly uniform. Fully automatic oil, needle and needle longitudinal motion machine, the choice of different speakers can be combined various pleats, with a variety of channel cloth combiners can combine various discounts.

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